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Large new in rockstar

Rich in B5 Pro-Vitamin, this hairspray brings a range of benefits to your luscious locks, one being that your hair will be a frizz-free zone! B5 Pro-Vitamin hydrates, soothes and strengthens creating luminous, healthier hair. On top of that, the water-soluble property of this vitamin allows the product to penetrate into the hair resulting in long-lasting nourishment and hydration which restores the hair’s moisture. Now you’re ready to rock with fabulous locks!

Not only is this hairspray a brilliant new product, the effective and stylish ‘rock chick’ packaging reflects the super sleek, fashionable brand that is Jungle Fever.

Tips on how to use hairspray effectively:

  1. Never spray too close to your hair as it will become damaged and unhealthy. It is recommended to spray 15-30cm away to ensure the most effective, non-damaging results
  2. Less is more- try not to overload with too much hairspray to start with otherwise your hair will end up crunchy and sticky. Always begin with a small amount to reach your desired style and you can then build it up if you wish to have a stronger hold
  3. Always shake the bottle before applying and ensure the nozzle is clean so that the hairspray leaves the can as a fine mist
  4. Set your hair in rollers- once your hair is in rollers or a section of your hair is wrapped around the curling wand, spritz a small amount of hairspray onto the hair to create firm curls
  5. Slick hairstyles- whether it’s a sleek, slick-black ponytail or slick-back hair you desire, spraying your hairbrush or palms of your hand with a small amount of hairspray and smoothing them over your hair, can help to tame them pesky fly-away strands
  6. For hold, bounce and a lot of volume, hairspray your hair lightly before styling with any heat and then either straighten, curl or roll your hair. Once finished styling, apply some more hairspray again to get that cat walk firm hold. By spraying closer to your roots whilst lifting small sections of your hair, you will create more volume