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Jungle Fever is an Italian haircare brand providing a range of high quality, unique products from colour creams to hairsprays. Our products have quickly become more and more prominent in the Italian and International market as our experts have created products with advanced formulas which have been thoroughly tested to provide maximum safety and reliability. Jungle Fever’s aim is to provide Hair Salons, Hair Dressers and Stylists professional, high quality products to ensure healthy, fabulous hair.

Jungle Fever products are unique from their formulas to their trendy, glamourous packaging. We are primarily a colour brand, selling 121 colour creams from browns and blondes to pinks and reds. Jungle Fever Hair Colour Cream is based on one of the most advanced, specifically designed technologies containing Micro-Chromatron Pigments, ensuring long-lasting and intense colour, and Palm Oil which nourishes and moisturises the hair whilst protecting from UV rays and the damaging effects of pollution. In addition to our Colour Creams, our Colour Masks are effective in maintaining a longer lasting colour.

We also sell a variety of other haircare products including shampoo, conditioner, hair masks and hairsprays, so whatever treatment your hair requires, Jungle Fever has the solution. If you are not blessed with silky, smooth hair and you are faced with dry, frizzy hair, Jungle Fever has the answer with the Argan Oasis. This product regenerates frizzy and brittle hair and nourishes hair giving you a natural, silky shine. Blending this product with a hair colour gives more protection and more shine. Jungle Fever also provides a range of different shampoos and hair masks, all with different treatment properties whether you want to maintain colour, enhance volume or curls or control frizz. Last but not least, we provide a large number of Styling & Finishing products including foams, gels, serums, and hairsprays.